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Furlough Fridays end, but a black eye remains

Kimberly Kepner-Sybounmy Kimberly Kepner-Sybounmy
Dan Boylan Dan Boylan

By Holly Juscen – bio | email 

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parents picking up students at Noelani Elementary School in Manoa said an agreement on the furloughs should have been reached a long time ago,  but some parents said a few lessons may have been learned. 

"I like that there was a line drawn in the sand. That we have to be more careful about spending. This was a good look at how much it cost to run a public department of education, and we have to set our priorities straight before things like this happen," said parent Kimberly Kepner-Sybounmy 

But Political Analyst Dan Boylan doesn't believe that the parties involved in this Furlough Friday battle will learn from their mistakes. Boylan says Hawaii's public school system was left with a black eye. That's because in the end their was no compromise,  just a $10 million bank bailout.

"It was mano on mano. Nobody would give and now what do we have. We wouldn't raise any taxes to do it, we wouldn't pay as we go, so we are borrowing $10 million that will ultimately be paid by the taxpayers but it saves face," said Boylan.

In the end Boylan believes election year politics was the biggest factor in ending the stalemate between the teachers and state. 

"The timing was politically perfect for her republican ticket in the fall. And I understand that good politics, and that way politics works, but political leadership, educational leadership and teacher leadership should have solved this problem a long long time ago, " said Boylan.

Boylan was concerned that the $10 million credit line would just delay the state's money problem. But state leaders believe there won't be a need to tap into that interest free loan.

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