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Djou's victory in Hawaii: the reaction

Representative-elect Charles Djou Representative-elect Charles Djou
Pat Saiki Pat Saiki
Jonah Kaauwai Jonah Kaauwai
Gov. Linda Lingle Gov. Linda Lingle
Dante Carpenter Dante Carpenter

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the first time in 20 years, Hawaii's First District Congressional seat goes to a Republican. Pat Saiki was the last Republican in Hawaii to hold that seat.  She says Saturday's vote shows people are ready for a change.

""What happened in Massachusetts happened in Hawaii, and it is the people's choice you know. I think the people of Hawaii hesitate to continue the massive overhaul of government by one party. They want to have a balance and to have Charles Djou represent us is a very positive thing" said Saiki.

"It was a surprise to have such a large margin and we are certainly thankful that the people decided to listen to Charles' message and vote for Charles" said Jonah Kaauwai, Hawaii Republican Party chairman.

"I think it's a big win for the Republican party but also for the people of Hawaii as well because it represents a new era, bringing in some fresh people and Charles has been clear he wants to represent all the people of Hawaii and no one special interest group" said Governor Linda Lingle.

Meanwhile, the Democrats had a strong showing. Together Ed Case and Colleen Hanabusa had more votes than Charles Djou, but they canceled each other out. Honolulu mayor Mufi Hannemann  says Djou's win will definitely change the political landscape in DC.

"There are those who believe from a Democratic party standpoint is an all-Democratic delegation has been effective. So the question now is will Charles cancel out Mazie at every turn and if that happens then our senators are going to find it very difficult to send something over to the House and get the support that they've had in the past" said Hannemann.

"I think  we are coming to that point obviously a lot of people have been working diligently I want to thank the campaign and campaigners and wish them well in this coming election" said Dante Carpenter, Hawaii Democratic Party chairman.

This special election was triggered by Neil Abercrombie, stepping down to run for governor.

"I congratulate Mr. Djou… I am confident that a Democrat will win the Congressional race in the general election. The people of Hawaii need a representative who will support President Obama's agenda and who will not cancel Hawaii's other vote in the US House" said Abercrombie in a written statement.

Djou is celebrating tonight, but he has a tough battle ahead.

"He has reason to celebrate.  No one expected him to get 40% of the vote. The only Republican to get 45% of the vote that was back in 1996. He did very, very well against two opponents. Now of course, it's down 60-40. The Democrats did still own the district. But now, he's now got to get 50% plus one vote.  He has four months in which to do it" said Hawaii News Now political analyst Dan Boylan.

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