Phase One: Complete

The first phase of the 1st Congressional District skirmish is over, and a winner has been voted into office for the next seven months. And so, phase two now begins- the posturing and speculation about what may or may not happen in the upcoming primary election to be held in September.

The combined total of votes received by Ed Case and Colleen Hanabusa far exceeded the total number of votes received by winner Charles Djou, so phase two should be about the rematch of the two Democratic contenders in the Democratic primary on September 18. If Case and Hanabusa stay active and choose to run again this fall, it should make for an exciting summer, with other races coming to the forefront- including governor, lieutenant governor, and Honolulu mayor, to name a few. Hopefully, more people will get interested and involved than managed to mail in their special election ballots by last Saturday- a woeful 54% of the potential voting public- and that's considered a good turnout nowadays!

And then finally comes phase three- the November 2nd general election when Djou will face the single, surviving  Democratic contender. If you thought this first phase was overrun with bitterness, vitriolic invectives, a plethora of hyperbole and a few stretches of the facts, wait until you see what's next. Think about it…