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Former Hawaii governors unite to urge Democrats to vote

John Waihee John Waihee
George Ariyoshi George Ariyoshi
Ben Cayetano Ben Cayetano

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One last push.

Less than a week left in the special election and Democrats are worried a Republican could win the race for Congress.

A day after Republicans held their convention, three former Hawaii governors reunited to urge voters to pick a Democrat.

But even they have differences on which candidate to endorse.

The governors say if Charles Djou is elected, there would be at least 50 percent of the population that didn't vote for him.

At the State Republican Convention on Saturday, Ben Cayetano, John Waihee and George Ariyoshi were referred to as being apart of the "Old Guard."

Yet, they all say they're proud of that title.

"I think that the Democratic party who we truly represent has been very good to Hawaii, we've done many things in healthcare and trying to take care of our people," Ariyoshi said.

Although the governors say they're not for pushing one Democratic candidate to drop out, two of them have come out with endorsements.

On Saturday, Waihee chose Hanabusa and his former sidekick, Ben Cayetano has picked Ed Case.

"I'm not for anybody dropping out, I think that in the tradition of the Democratic party, they should run in the primary and after that's over, unite and then take care of the Republican," Cayetano said.

Waihee says Djou people should vote for Djou if they want the exact opposite of President Obama.

"The Republican in this election is not the type of person that would work well with our delegation," he said.

On Sunday, both put their differences aside and directed their attention at Djou.

"I think Mr. Djou is the beneficiary of the differences in the parties," Cayetano said. "On the Republican side, they anoint people and this is the case with Mr. Djou now that's the difference, Democrats are willing to live by our system because we believe in equal opportunity for all."

Cayetano says Hawaii's two senatorial and two congressional votes may be cut in half if Djou is elected.

"Our four votes will effectively become two and that's a practical side to look at it, because if Mr. Djou voting no along with the rest of his colleagues will negate one of the three Democratic votes," Cayetano said.

Meanwhile, the elder statesmen of the Democratic party, Ariyoshi says his own experiences may serve as a reminder that Democrats can win even with some internal competition.

"I ran through three gubernatorial elections and I had a contest in every one of the primaries I was in and to me, that's the way things ought to be," he said.

Completed ballots for this special congressional election must be received by the Office of Elections no later than 6:00 PM Saturday.

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