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Oahu under $20: Diamond Head

Diamond Head view Diamond Head view
Taizo, Grace and Dan Taizo, Grace and Dan

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Looking for a family friendly adventure for less than 20 bucks? If you want to get in shape and catch a spectacular view, this one could be for you! Grace, Dan and Taizo hike to the top of Diamond Head. Take a look!

"We're here inside the crater and we've only spent $5 so far" said Dan.

"Yeah that was on parking so were doing pretty good" said Grace.

"One car, five bucks.That leaves us $15 for…"

"Shave ice!" said Taizo.

"You are going to want to carry a couple of things, like sunscreen, some snacks, some water maybe even a flashlight for those of you that have small children because we're going through a dark tunnel" said Dan.

"We heard that Diamond Head is called that because Western explorers in the 1700's mistook those calcite crystals to be diamonds. That's why it is called Diamond Head" said Grace.

How hard is the hike?

"Not bad. I've had a heart attack and I can make it, so anybody can" said one visitor.

"We've made it to the top of Diamond Head, you guys, it was well worth it. Take a look at this view" said Taizo.

"You know, we only spent five dollars on parking. That means we got 15 left. How about some shave ice? I think we've earned it" said Dan.

"Each shave ice was three bucks, Dan spent a little more because he had to have a peach smoothie" said Grace.

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