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Oahu Under $20: Army Museum

Dorian Travers Dorian Travers
Pierre Moulin Pierre Moulin

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) – Dan, Grace and Taizo took a trip to the Ft. DeRussy Army Museum. Admission is free. Parking is always important in Waikiki, you can get validated parking across the street for $3.25 or you can catch The Bus, there's a bus stop right in front. That leaves plenty of money to spend in the museum store.

The US Army Museum has the colorful history of the military, all the way back to Western contact with the islands up to the Vietnam War. The place itself is a part of military history according to curator Dorian Travers.

"Absolutely, it's fascinating. It's an old battery, it was built in 1911 and it had the zenith technology in weaponry. If a ship was approaching the islands, these were a first line of defense. All they would see would be a sand dune and behind were these very lethal weapons, great big 14 inch rifles" said Travers.

Another cool exhibit here is a room dedicated to the Regimental 442nd Combat Team from Hawaii. It is a pretty amazing exhibit. It also has a tribute to a small village in France that back in 1944 was liberated."

"In fact, in 1944, they tried to take the little village where I was born, named Bruyere. They lost 1,200 men in four days" said author Pierre Moulin.

One of the coolest things here is that there are real artifacts. They have a Cobra helicopter AH1S, it flew in attack missions during the Vietnam War. Afterwards it ended up with the Hawaii Air National Guard.

You might notice that there is some construction work going on outside. That's because there are improvements being made, all so the museum can better serve the community.

There are many things to see at the museum, but don't miss the gallery of heroes, Hawaii's heroes, tributes to the servicemen associated with Hawaii who have received either the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross or the Navy Cross.

After your tour at the US Army Museum there are still lots of fun and free things to do with the family. There's a beach volleyball court right outside and Friday night fireworks. Check it out; it's a fun way for you to spend some time with the family.

The construction at the Army Museum is expected to be finished in July. That's the goal, but it will be open in the mean time.


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