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"What Chefs Eat" offers restaurant recommendations

Chef Jon Matsubara Chef Jon Matsubara
Owner Leonard Kam Owner Leonard Kam
Limu Poke Limu Poke
Melanie Kosaka Melanie Kosaka
"What Chefs Eat" app "What Chefs Eat" app

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Do you ever drive around looking for a place to eat, but you can't think of anywhere to go? We have the solution to your problem...

A new app, called "What Chefs Eat."

Where Hawaii's most refined palates make recommendations on their favorite restaurants and eateries.

Malika is live at Alicia's Market with more.

Here is more information from their press release:

Ever wonder what Hawaiiʼs top chefs eat on their nights off? "What Chefs Eat" iPhone app gives you the scoop! From only-in-Hawaii favorites to the best spots for ramen and late-night eats, "What Chefs Eat" brings you the places and foods savored by Hawaiiʼs best palates. The concept for the just-released iPhone app started with a phone call to cofounder Melanie Kosaka from master sommelier Chuck Furuya. Chuck shared his idea of doing a website focusing on chefsʼ favorite mom-and-pop restaurants.Kosaka loved the idea and suggested developing it as an iPhone application to make it more convenient for users. The idea sat on the back burner until Eric Nakagawa joined the project. Nakagawa is a tech entrepreneur who co-founded ICanHasCheezeburger.com and who now develops iPhone applications.

Breaking the digital divide to help small businesses, Nakagawa and Kosaka hope that by combining their techie and foodie backgrounds, they can help support eating local. "Breaking down the digital divide between larger businesses that have the resources to expend on websites and mobile marketing and small businesses that may barely have the resources to develop a website, was a key factor in deciding to do this project," Kosaka says. "We think What Chefs Eat is a win-win: Chefs gain exposure for their restaurants by making recommendations, and smaller restaurants gain notoriety by having a top chef select them as a favorite dining spot."

Noted chefs including Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong, Ed Kenney Jr., D.K. Kodama Jon Matsubara and others were the first to sign on to What Chefs Eat. Furuya contributed his own picks, as did Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms. Coming weeks will see top picks from chefs like George Mavrothalassitis, Mauiʼs Bev Gannon and the Big Islandʼs Peter Merriman.

For more information click HERE for a link to their website.


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