National Democrats pull out of Hawaii

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - National Democrats pull their money out of Hawaii's special election and local Republicans are rejoicing over the end of their opponent's smear tactics.  Even the local Democrats say they are pleased the national Democrats are leaving saying the negative ads didn't play well in Hawaii.

Voters won't be getting anymore recorded calls from President Obama either.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent more than $314,000 on ads in Hawaii and now its leaders say they'll save their money because neither Ed Case nor Colleen Hanabusa is willing to step aside.

"The DCCC will not be investing additional resources in the HI-01 (Abercrombie-open) special election.  Local Democrats were unable to work out their differences.  The DCCC will save the resources we would have invested in the Hawaii special election this month for the general election in November," said Jennifer Crider, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman in a written statement.

"My view is, it's not a part of what we like to see in politics here in Hawaii I don't care what party is the advocate for it," said Dante Carpenter, Hawaii Democratic Party Chair.

Carpenter insists he's pleased the national Democrats are pulling out saying the negative ads backfired and admits the claims made against Djou were stretching the truth.

"To use suggestions that he did do this or didn't do that as the case might be isn't exactly what is going on in the state of Hawaii," said Carpenter.  "Because we have our own political nuances as it were, we like to think we can handle our own elections. We like to think we can do it in a lot more civil manner."

"I think it's clear, the people of Hawaii do not like outside meddling in our own local campaigns. The only reason the national Democrats got involved in this national election in the first place is because they are afraid of what the voters of Hawaii might do," said Charles Djou, Republican candidate for Congress. 

"Clearly I think when the voters of Hawaii stacked up my message of fiscal responsibility against the national Democrats very nasty message, my message is the one that resonated."

Djou said the ads were flat out lies and is glad Democrats pulled the plug but he does not think they are conceding defeat.

"We have 12 more days, we are not taking our foot off the gas pedal. We want to make sure our gets out to every single voter out there who is yet to cast their ballots. We have 12 more days and I'm really excited to looking and reviewing the judgment of the people of Hawaii on May 22," said Djou.

The national Democrats may be back in November when there will only be one Democrat running against Djou in the general election.

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