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Movie Review: "City Island"

You may not have heard of the new film, "City Island," but it's a well acted, crowd pleasing comedy-drama about four members of a working class family who keep lots of secrets from each other.
It's so entertaining it should be in all the multiplexes, but in Hawaii it's playing only at Kahala Mall.

It's not exactly domestic bliss we find in the Rizzo family where everyone is keeping some kind of secret.

The complications are almost farcical. Andy Garcia is Vince, the husband and family man who works as a prison guard and discovers that a soon-to-be released inmate is his long lost illegitimate son that he's never told his wife about. (He doesn't tell the young man, either.)
Not only that, but, as soon as he can, he brings the Tony (Steven Strait) home to dinner. Julianna Marguilies is Vince's wife, Joyce.

"Vince tells me that he was friends with your mother," Joyce says to Tony who replies, "A long time ago, I guess."
Joyce: "I guess so, cause I never heard about it."
Vince: "Oh, here we go...."

On top of that deception, Vince is too embarrassed to tell his wife that he's taking an acting class, so he pretends to go to a poker game one night a week.   She knows he's lying, but she thinks he's having an affair.

The reality is that deception is a family trait. Vince thinks his daughter is in college, but she's been suspended and is now stripping to earn some money.
And I'm only scratching the surface here. Even the most important character outside the family has a big secret. Emily Mortimer is Vince's acting classmate. She shows Vince how to look for audition opportunities in a trade paper. "You peruse it for news," she tells him, "and open calls and parts you'll never get in projects that are never made."

But Vince surprises everyone and especially himself by getting a call back the first time he tries out.
A smart script and talented actors make "City Island" a real delight.

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