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Car smashes into McDonalds drive-thru sign

Abelardo Serna Abelardo Serna

AIEA (HawaiiNewsNow) – A car driven by a 93-year-old man collided with an order sign at the Aiea Shopping Center McDonald's drive-thru Thursday afternoon. The driver apparently accelerated while trying to park his car. No one was injured in the accident but an array of drive-thru signage was toppled when the Toyota Camry ran over a curb and plowed into them.

"The car just went bouncing and ran into all those signs over there. We had to turn off the car, because it was still going. He was very coherent, for being 93, I was shocked" said witness Abelardo Serna.

"He just wanted to come out, I told him wait uncle, the ambulance is going to come you know, wait. I'm OK, I'm OK, he said."

The driver told witnesses that he was trying to pull the car into the handicapped stall when it kept going. He said that he was unable to stop the car. The driver was apparently unhurt, he was not transported to the hospital by paramedics.

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