Hanabusa says she is not dropping out of congressional race

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Democratic congressional candidate, Colleen Hanabusa, called a press conference Wednesday to clear the air, "I am in this race until the end and I am in this race to win," said Hanabusa.

A strong statement by the senator as she stamped out speculation that she may be pulling out of the race for Hawaii's vacant congressional seat. Recent polls, including our exclusive Hawaii News Now - Honolulu Advertiser survey, indicate that Hanabusa is dead last. Hanabusa trails Republican Charles Djou, and Democrat Ed Case, with about 22 % of the votes. The senator said the polls are wrong.

"Polls are determined by when it's asked, they are a snapshot in time and more importantly it's how it's asked and whether it's represented. With all due respect to the Advertiser, my position on their poll is that it's not even weighted. It's not reflective of the First Congressional District," said Hanabusa.

Ward research, who conducted our poll, stands behind the results. Political Analyst, Dan Boylan, believes Hanabusa could still be in the race, "A poll is what she said, a snapshot in time, it's not a rolling indication of what is going on. So, what is the truth today may not be truth by May 22nd.

Republican candidate Charles Djou says he's happy to be leading in the polls, but knows voters have the final say.

"Colleen has to run here own campaign the way she wants to, but clearly her message is not resonating with the voters but i'm going to run my best campaign," said Djou.

Reports have been surfacing that the Democratic National Committee believes that Ed Case is the more popular Democratic candidate, and they don't want split votes.

Hanabusa said she hasn't been pressured in anyway to drop out and still knows she can win.

"I believe with the feed back that we are getting in the field, because we are the true grassroots campaign. The feedback we are getting is that Charles Djou is not going to win this race" said Hanabusa.

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