Honolulu Advertiser sale closes

Honolulu Advertiser sale closes

By Howard Dicus - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The sale of the Honolulu Advertiser to Oahu Publications, which publishes the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, closed early Monday morning, both newspapers reported.

Gannett Co., which publishes USA Today and hundreds of newspapers across the U.S. mainland, had owned the Advertiser for decades.

Dennis Francis, the senior operating executive at Oahu Publications, says the combined newspaper will "likely" be slightly smaller than the current Advertiser editorial staff.

Francis and other managers are now figuring out how many people they need and to which employees of the two component newspapers they will make job offers.

More than 100 reporters and photographers may wind up out of work and, in many cases, forced to move to the mainland if they wish to continue in the same profession.

Oahu Publications will own the new "Star Advertiser" in addition to MidWeek, a profitable publication whose revenues helped support the money-losing Star-Bulletin in recent years.

The merged newspaper will use the Advertiser press in Kapolei and the Star-Bulletin editorial offices at Restaurant Row.

Gannett is keeping the historic Advertiser building downtown, hoping to profit from selling the property to a developer.

Local commercial real estate brokers think a developer can put up a high-rise condo or office building built around the newspaper building once environmental officials have figured out what needs to be done about printer's ink that may have leached into the soil.

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