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Chatting with Billy V: May 3, 2010

Iron  Man 2 Iron Man 2
Halle Berry Halle Berry
Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Iron Man 2 got an international head start on its domestic debut this Friday, pulling in $100.2 million in 53 foreign markets. Iron Man 2 brought in $12.2 million in Great Britain, $10.8 million in South Korea, $8.8 million in Australia and $8.2 million in France. According to Paramount, the sequel had bigger openings than 2008's Iron Man in every market.  It starts in the US this weekend

On Sunday, a rep for Halle Berry confirmed her breakup with Gabriel Aubry -- and it turns out that the actress and French-Canadian model parted ways a while ago. The rep said: "Berry and Aubry have been split for some time, but they remain close friends and committed parents to their daughter."

Conan OʻBrien was on 60 Minutes this weekend and said that when NBC announced it would reinstate Jay Leno back at 11:35pm and push O'Brien back to 12:05am, O'Brien said his discussions with the network become unpleasant. O'Brien's wife, Liza, said she agreed "a hundred percent" with her husband's decision to leave. 

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