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Poll: Djou leading Case and Hanabusa in race for Congress

Dan Boylan Dan Boylan

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Hawaii News Now-Honolulu Advertiser poll shows that Republican candidate Charles Djou has a big lead in the special election for Congress.

The Republican is leading Democrats Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case and while our political analyst says it's not a done deal yet, Democrats' worst fear is starting to come true.

The poll results are in. Ward Research asked 349 voters if the special election were being held today, who would you vote for?

36 percent chose Charles Djou, Ed Case came in second with 28 percent and Colleen Hanabusa brought in 22 percent.

"What is happening is precisely what many Democrats worried about, two Democrats in the race will split the vote and offer up and opportunity for a Republican," said Dan Boylan, Hawaii News Now Political Analyst.

Professor Boylan says it is still possible for a Democrat to win. Since 13 percent are still undecided and Democrats could see these numbers and start switching allegiance. Still it's going to be tough, since Djou is such a solid candidate..

"He's an attractive guy, he's not a worn face, he's new if you will on that big of a scene. He's young and has a young family. He's attractive in many, many ways," Boylan said.

If Djou does defeat the Democrats, it will send a big message, especially coming in President Obama's home state, taking a seat that's been held by a Democrat for decades.

"The Republicans will gloat, national Republicans will gloat, and gloat and gloat as well they should," Boylan said.

Then more money will pour in and don't forget, they'll have to campaign all over again for the regular election in November. Boylan says Democrats will have to find unity to stand a chance.

"The Democrats have got to get somebody out of the race or at least after the primary get everybody together, if they don't I think there is a strong possibility that Djou could win," he said.

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