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Movie Review: "Oceans"

The new documentary called "Oceans" is the Disney company's newest venture into the natural world. But the actual filmmakers are two Frenchmen, one of whom directed the fantastic "Winged Migration" in 2003.

Four years in the making, "Oceans" combines stunning visuals, symphonic style music, and a poetic narration to create a highly satisfying experience for movie goers.

"Oceans" is not an "educational" film; instead, its makers want us to enjoy the beauty and grace of the ocean and the many exotic creatures who live in it.
We who live in Hawaii already appreciate the ocean that surrounds us, but the terrific cinematography of "Oceans" and its clean, elegant editing style help us see the ocean in fresh new ways.

From its dazzling visuals of incredibly exotic creatures in deep waters to powerful images of storm waves, "Oceans" is out to convince the audience that the 70 percent of the earth's surface covered by water is every bit as fascinating as outer space.
One of the film's most amazing scenes shows how  birds of prey diving into the ocean to catch small fish while larger fish attack the same smaller ones from below.

In less than 90 minutes the filmmakers treat us to vivid scenes from all five of the world's oceans.
The narration, spoken by actor Pierce Brosnan, is low key and poetic, only occasionally sounding like more typical films about nature.

Overall, "Oceans" is a treat for anyone who appreciates good filmmaking and the wonders of nature.

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