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Rare yellow lobster appears at Honolulu restaurant

Danny Sam Danny Sam

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A lobster named Leilani is turning heads at a Kalihi restaurant, and it's not because of the way it tastes. This rare yellow lobster came out of a shipment from Nova Scotia.

When employees at Wainani Kai Seafoods first saw it they immediately spread the word. That's because experts say the chance of catching the rare creature is one in 30 million.

"We called the Waikiki Aquarium and they definitely want to come down and take a look at it, I mean her, it's a girl lobster" said Danny Sam of Wainani Kai Seafoods.

Scientists say these rare lobsters have a genetic mutation that turns them yellow. And while it usually saves them from being eaten in restaurants, in the wild it makes them more vulnerable because they're easier to spot for predators.

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