Business burglaries spread across Oahu

Business burglaries spread across Oahu
Boston's North End Pizza
Boston's North End Pizza
Jo-Anne Honda
Jo-Anne Honda
Wil Cordes
Wil Cordes

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

AIEA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Boston's North End Pizza Bakery in Aiea satisfies the appetite.

The end product's sold by the pie or slice.

And the place is popular -- even among thieves.

Boston has been broken into several times.

"They got through a door, shimmied their way, and took the safe within a minute or two," store manager Jo-Anne Honda said.

Twice burglars stole the 300-pound safe. In December they didn't bother to cart it out. They broke into it in the store.

The last attempted break-in was just two weeks ago.

"You could see that the back door, they were trying to crowbar it open," Honda said.

But it's not just Boston's.

Next-door neighbor Kentucky Fried Chicken has also been hit. And farther up Kamehameha Highway, Wil Cordes' Forty Niner diner has been a repeat target..

"They came through the front window with a crow bar. They broke the doors," he said of the most recent attack.

Honolulu police said small businesses like Boston's and Forty Niner aren't alone. Thieves have also broken into big box giant Costco. There's a growing list of victims.

The crime has proprietors saying the "F" word.

"Frustrating. Really frustrating," Cordes said.

Because of the number of businesses burglarized around Oahu, HPD recently started an island-wide task force to investigate business break-ins.

Police suspect that several thieves are working separately and together to steal safes, automatic teller machines, jewelry and large equipment.

"We have to really pay attention, every night, every day now," Honda said.

Boston's parking lot is now under 24-hour camera surveillance.

Inside the restaurant there are multiple motion sensors and multi-lock doors.

Honda hopes the added security will be the recipe that keeps burglars at bay.

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