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Hawaii legislature: list of bills passed Tuesday

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii legislature passed a flurry of bills Tuesday, covering everything from fireworks to requests for President Obama's birth certificate to shark fin soup. More than 60 other bills also passed the final House and Senate votes Tuesday.

Among the potential new laws on the way to the governor's desk: setting a minimum of 180 instructional days for public schools, moving up the primary election, expanding the expiration date on gift cards and putting the question of who selects the Board of Education to voters.

Here is a list of some of the bills Hawaii News Now has been tracking that will go to the governor now for final approval.

HB 1987 - Fireworks Allows authorities to seize property involved in the sale or use of illegal fireworks link

SB 1059 - Fireworks Allows counties to enact fireworks laws stricter than the states. This in essence would allow them to ban fireworks all together. link

HB 2129 - Graffiti Requires people convicted of graffiti to remove it within 30 days. They may also be responsible for removing graffiti within 100 yards of the offense for up to two years. link

HB 2486 - Minimum Classroom Days Sets a minimum of 180 instructional days for public schools, as well as a minimum instructional hours for elementary and high schools. Right now, most schools do operate with 180 days, minus the furloughs. But there is no legally set minimum. link

HB 2376 - Selecting the BOE Allows voters to decide if the constitution should be amended to allow the Governor to select members of the Board of Education, with the Senate's consent. Right now members are elected. link

SB2256 - School Parking Fees Allows schools to charge for parking.  Money would go back into the school's budgets. link

SB2434 - Superintendent Salaries - Increases the salary and allows for bonuses for the schools superintendent and deputy superintendents.  link

HB 2289 - Gift Certificates Expiration Expands the expiration date for gift cards from two years to five years. link

HB 2397 - Primary Elections Moves the primary election from the second to last Saturday in September to the second Saturday in August, effective 2011 link

SB 2169 - Shark Fins Bans the possession or sale of shark fins. All current supplies would need to be used by 2011 link

HB 2583 - Shark Feeding Vessels Allows authorities to seize any boat or vessel used to feed sharks for commercial practices link

SB 2919 - State Hospital Security Makes the State Department of Public Safety in charge of security at the State Hospital in Kaneohe link

SB 950 - Electric Guns Allows DLNR and public safety officers to carry tasers on the job. link

SB 466 - Restricting Leaf Blowers Restricts leaf blower used in residential zones except between 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Mondays - Saturdays. 9:00 am. - 6:00 p.m. Sundays and any state or federal holiday link

SB 2897 - Ignition Interlock Program Enacts the recommendations of the Ignition Interlock Task Force. This clears the way for use of the DUI checking equipment in the vehicles of convicted or accused drunk drivers. link

SB 2937 - Repeat Requests for Government Documents Bill tied to requests for President Barack Obama's birth certificate. This states that if duplicate requests for a government documents are made, they can be ignored if the state has already reviewed the request, found it is the same, and that its response would also be the same. link

SB 2807 - Tax Rebates Asks voters to decide if there is a surplus of a certain measure for two consecutive fiscal years, instead of going back to taxpayers as rebates, should the money be put into emergency economic funds? link

HB2239 - Recyclables  Adds dietary supplement containers to the list of recyclable containers. link

SB2399 - Mixed Martial Arts Allows regulation of amateur mixed martial arts in the islands.  link

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