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Howzit Howard: Mayors and airlines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mufi and Billy and Charmaine and Bernard sat together in the front row of the conference room, watching the lawmakers. In the end, the conference committee working on a state budget agreed not to reduce transient accommodations tax sharing. This was both just and practical. Just because the counties spend a lot of money taking care of visitors. Practical because taking the money would have wrought havoc on county services, hurting the same voters who put the state lawmakers into office.

Japan Airlines is considering pulling out of Nagoya Airport. The Japanese transport ministry objects, saying a shift could hurt rival all Nippon Airways. This is the kind of tricky-track holding up a JAL reorganization.

Qantas Airways says it finally got planeloads of stranded Australian vacationers home from London over the weekend. The first Qantas flight got out of Heathrow Friday after a twelve-hour delay.

Air Canada will offer Canadians more non-Hawaii choices next winter. It's restoring a lot of flights that were cut during the recession to Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Horizon lines has posted a thirteen million dollar first quarter loss. Revenue rose fourteen million thanks to a fuel surcharge increase of the same size, but labor costs grew and Horizon also cited rate.

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