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Store owner hopes surveillance cams will help catch beer thief

Jay Koo Jay Koo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A young Oahu beer drinker has more to worry about than a hangover. He's the star of a new surveillance clip that could cost him more than two twelve-packs.

Jay Koo owns Campbell Stop and Shop in Kapahulu. He doesn't like being ripped off, so he spent a bunch of money on high-quality surveillance cameras.

Those cams were rolling at about 8:30 Monday night when a man walked in, checked out the beer coolers then casually grabbed two twelve-packs of Heineken then sprinted out the door. The beer was worth about $40.

Koo says the cops told him there was no way to catch the guy, but he isn't giving up.

"It's about justice.  I don't want to see this kind of thing happen again. The security camera itself, it can record and help to catch some shoplifters or robbery.  But the main purpose is prevent" said Koo.

The last time his store was hit up it was also caught on tape. In January of last year, four teens entered his store, punched a male cashier in the face and then made off with several cases of beer.

After that surveillance video aired on the news, the teens turned themselves in.

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