Thieves steal Blood Bank of Hawaii's computer

Thieves steal Blood Bank of Hawaii's computer
Randall Kusaka
Randall Kusaka
Dwight Kealoha
Dwight Kealoha

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Police are on the lookout for thieves who stole a laptop computer from the Blood Bank of Hawaii's Donor Center on Dillingham Boulevard.

The older model Compaq computer stored personal data on thousands of donors.

The break-in happened March 29 before the Blood Bank opened for business.

Randall Kusaka, communications assistant with the Blood Bank, said the burglars got into the building and into areas closed for the night, including the human resources office.

They stole two digital cameras and two laptop computers.

One of them held personal data on about 25,000 deferred donors that included names, birth dates, and the last four digits of their social security numbers.

"It did not have full social security numbers. It did not have address, phone number, or any health information," Kusaka said.

The Blood Bank has sent letters to the donors, advising them to review their credit status with the Federal Trade Commission's free credit monitoring service.

"It's amazing how creative scam artists are," said Dwight Kealoha, CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii. "You're not quite sure what's going to happen. So they should still be careful and continue to monitor their credit reports."

The laptop went out in the field on blood drives and was used to double-check donor's status.

Kusaka said it's multi-password protected.

"You had to input an encrypted password. If you manage to get through that you had to also input another encrypted password to get to the program. Without doing either you have no access," Kusaka said.

Prior to the break-in, the Blood Bank had a security guard at its Dillingham location during daylight hours only. Now it's nearly round-the-clock.

Kusaka said the Blood Bank will no longer store Social Security information in laptops.

Anyone with information on the crime should call Honolulu police.

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