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Teen drivers take action against distraction

Kara-Jo Mauu Kara-Jo Mauu
Katherine Powell Katherine Powell

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Teen drivers from across the state Saturday took action against distraction in Honolulu.

From talking on the phone, to texting, eating or dealing with loud music, around 50 teens learned how distractions impacts their driving ability.

Kara-Jo Mauu is taking on this Allstate Foundation Action Against Distraction Driving Challenge for the first time.

"As I was going through the course with the distractions, I actually did hit a couple of cones, which could've been people," she said.

The Kahuku High School senior has seen first hand the many close calls from distracted drivers on the real course.

"When I am driving and I stop at a stop sign, I'll see people pass me on their phone, texting and everything and I almost did see somebody hit another car," she said.

These near-accidents are just a few of the examples why she, along with other teens at Kahuku, decided to start up a school campaign about texting while driving.

"Once you take your eyes off of the road and onto the phone for at least five seconds, you can actually hit another car in front of you, which can actually lead to an accident and send somebody to the hospital," Mauu said.

Allstate Insurance has now hosted this event for three years and although the faces change, the message remains the same.

"We give them a real-world environment that they live in everyday and we replicate that to show them how it impairs their driving," Allstate Insurance spokesperson, Katherine Powell said.

Allstate's own research shows texting while driving is just as dangerous as having four beers before getting behind the wheel.

"Even one death from distracted driving is a tragic waste and if we can prevent that, then I feel we've done our job," Powell said.

Allstate officials say these events have become very popular with enrollment going up each year.

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