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Homeless prepare for tent and shopping cart bans

Dominique Reyne Dominique Reyne
Darlene Heim Darlene Heim

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email 

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Enforcement of the ban is just days away, but unauthorized tents were all over Ala Moana park Friday.

"You can have maybe a tarp tied to a tree or something covering over you but no walls. You can't have no enclosed area," said Dominique Reyne, who has lived in Kapiolani Park for over a year.

On Monday Honolulu police will start citing the homeless and fining them up to $500 if their tents are up without a permit or if they have a shopping cart in city parks.

"Me being Hawaiian kanaka maoli, I'm just houseless. But this is my home," said Jobie Kaeo.

He moved to Queen's beach from Kapiolani Park shortly after police began issuing warnings about the ban a few weeks ago.

He said he's not leaving.

"All we're told and what's publicized is no tents allowed. It doesn't mean we have to move," he said.

Paul Oshiro is an outreach coordinator with the Waikiki Health Center.

He's seen some homeless leave Waikiki because of the ban

"We're out here once a week, trying to get them into housing, mental health services, other services. But in the end it's definitely up to them. We're just a stepping stone," he said.

Darlene Heim works at the Center's drop-in site in Kaimuki.

She said although the new laws have driven some homeless indoors, it's just part of the solution.

"People who have social security, people who are working minimum wage jobs, people who are doing day labor, that kind of thing, they really need low income rentals," she said.

"I've been in a shelter before," Reyne said. "There's just certain things in shelters. You have certain things they want to do. If you don't follow them exactly they kick you out," he said.

Starting Monday, Honolulu's homeless will have to abide by a new set of rules for setting up camp.

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