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Tea Party rallies the right in Honolulu

Mark Ambard Mark Ambard
Sandy Gaston Sandy Gaston
Nacia Blom Nacia Blom
Jay Dunn Jay Dunn
Hannah Miyamoto Hannah Miyamoto

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's not necessarily paying taxes that ticks off the Tea Party supporters.  It's how the money is spent.  Organizers are calling today's rally at the state capitol a success because their voice keeps getting louder.

Organizers estimated the crowd was more than 2,000 people who feel they are taxed enough already.  Many of them were small business owners who feel too much of the tax burden is on their shoulders.

"Why should the ones that work hard pay for the ones that don't want to," said Mark Ambard, small business owner from Kailua. "I've seen Hawaii move to a one sided government. We have all one party in charge. I'm of the belief if we can equal the two parties they'd move each other to a draw and they'd move slower and I think a slow government is a good government."

"I just believe less government means more freedom and the Obama administration seems to think government is the solution to all problems. Ronald Reagan said the most fearful statement in the English language is I'm from the government and I'm here to help you and I tend to believe that," said Sandy Gaston, Aiea.

"Taxes should be used for necessary things.  There are some social areas that are necessary. We should pay taxes to ensure we are defended and armed and we should pay taxes to support our school system but we should make sure we're doing it right," said Nacia Blom, Grassroot Institute of Hawaii.

That was a common theme.  Many people were bashing the Department of Education criticizing its spending and calling for a full scale audit.  Even DOE employees signed the petition.

"There has not been a comprehensive audit since 1974. I was not even alive the last time the doe was audited fully," said Jacquelyn Skaf, former teacher at Leilehua High School who started the DOE audit petition.

All the way from Chicago there were former President Obama supporters.

"I voted for Barack Obama.  Sadly I was fooled by a lot of his campaign promises," said Rebecca Naus, HPU Student.  "It's sad to know so many Americans are getting a free ride and aren't paying a dime towards it."

And amongst the crowd there was one current supporter, who pointed out she's paying less under President Obama.

"Last year I paid $698 in federal taxes and this year I'm taking none," said Hannah Miyamoto, President Obama Supporter.

"How much more did you pay this year in the first year of the Obama administration than the Bush administration?" I asked Tea Party Supporter Jay Dunn of Makakilo.

"It's about the same right now but eventually it's going to get higher and higher they're going to have to pay for all this extra spending they're doing," responded Dunn.

Many echoed that thought fearing taxes are going to get worse especially with healthcare reform.

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