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Protestors arrested at Governor Lingle's office

Michael Doyle Michael Doyle
Vernadette Gonzalez Vernadette Gonzalez
Governor Linda Lingle Governor Linda Lingle

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - State sheriffs made good on their promises Tuesday night, arresting two furlough protestors who were camping out in the lobby of the governor's office. Carrie Lau and Michael Doyle were arrested for trespassing around 9:00 PM.

The two were released from jail late Tuesday night. They say it was worth the trip to Halawa prison.

"I just want people to understand that we can change things if we work together and if we try hard enough, they'll pay attention to us and then we can solve our problems" said Doyle.

Protestors have been at the Capitol for seven days now, calling for an end to teacher furloughs. They were warned over the past several days that anyone who had been cited twice at the Capitol would be arrested next time they were caught.

Vernadette Gonzalez was there and says it was calm and orderly.

"There were no children left by the time they started the arrests, there was one child here earlier but they left with their parents. Once the video cameraman left then the sheriff's department finally came in. I would personally be willing to get arrested for it" said Gonzalez.

This all comes after the governor invited the protestors to sit in on a news conference today where she explained why she hadn't met with them earlier.

"People have asked me the question why haven't you just met with these people and I tell them you know I'm human on my good days like most other people and when people send me what I take as politically threatening letters and saying ‘if you don't meet with us then we'll do x,y and z'… then it's just not the type of people you're excited to meet with" said Governor Lingle.

The governor went on to say there will probably be no breakthrough in the talks to end furloughs this year although she was confident a deal could be reached to end them next year.

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