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Movie Reviews: "Formosa Betrayed" & "Hot Tub Time Machine"

"Formosa Betrayed" is a serious history lesson presented as a political thriller.
Based on a true story, the movie is about the murder of an American citizen by agents of the Taiwanese government in 1983.

The victim, originally from Taiwan (originally called Formosa) was a professor who advocated democracy in his former country. James Van Deer Beek plays an F.B.I. agent who trails the professor's killers to Taiwan.

After agent Kelly experiences the hypocrisy of the repressive police state imposed by General Chiang Kai-Shek, he also discovers that his own government doesn't really want him to solve the murder.
Such complicated politics make this movie a little confusing at times, but the filmmaking and the acting are first rate.

 Bottom line: "Formosa Betrayed" will interest anyone who wonders why the United states still doesn't recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation but at the same time has promised to defend the island if it's attacked by mainland China.        

"Hot Tub Time machine" is another kind of movie entirely, a crude, raunchy comedy about three middle aged guys who revisit 1986 courtesy of a supremely malfunctioning hot tub.

It's not nearly as funny as last year's "The Hangover," but it's still a good time.

This very silly comedy gives its three depressed middle aged characters a chance to make some very different choices in their lives.

 John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson generate more than a few laughs for audiences that don't mind crude humor.

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