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Hawaiian News: Rae Fonseca

Kumu Rae Fonseca Kumu Rae Fonseca
Nahoku Gaspang Nahoku Gaspang
Joshua Noeau Kalima Joshua Noeau Kalima

HILO (HawaiiNewsNow) - This Hilo hâlau has been a Merrie Monarch participant for the past three decades. And despite their years of experience, and numerous dancers to take the stage, this year will be like no other. Amy Kalili has more.

We opened this Merrie Monarch week with a tribute to George Nâʻope this past Sunday, a founder of the festival who passed away late last year. And we all know that just a couple of weeks ago, we lost another mainstay of the festival Aunty Dottie Thompson and on the heels of that we also lost one of Hilo's most well-known Kumu, Rae Fonseca. We were fortunate to spend some time with members of his Hâlau o Kahikilaulani.

Ke hoʻomâkaukau nei kâ Kumu Rae mau haumâna kûpaʻa me ke kia ʻokoʻa o ka noʻonoʻo a me ka hoʻomanaʻo i kâ lâkou kumu aloha nô.

Rae's faithful and determined dancers are preparing for another festival with a unique sense of resolve and reflection.

A lot of people thought we were gonna pull out. No, it's not our nature, it's not his nature.

Nâhôkû Gaspang

Alakaʻi, Hâlau o Kahikilaulani

ʻAʻole hiki ke hâʻawi pio wale.

We miss him so much. It's like thereʻs a void in our life, but then again we were taught by him to keep going.


Nui ka haʻo iâ ia akâ, aʻo mau mai ʻo ia no ka pono e paʻu mau aku.

Ahuwale ka hauʻoli a mâkaukau o nâ kâne o Hâlau o Kahikilaulani iâ lâkou ma ka ʻâwai e hoʻomâkaukau ana no ka Mele Manaka.

The men of Hâlau o Kahikilaulani were smiling and ready as they took the Merrie Monarch stage for rehearsals.

I hope I'm not gonna break down.

Iʻm just feeling proud that I dance for Kahikilaulani.

Joshua Noʻeau Kalima

Alakaʻi, Hâlau o Kahikilaulani

Nui koʻu haʻaheo i ka hula no Kahikilaulani.

E komo ana nô ʻo Hâlau o Kahikilaulani ma nâ mahele a pau o ka hoʻokûkû Mele Manaka, kâne, wahine a Miss Hula nô hoʻi.

Hâlau o Kahikilaulani will be competing in all categories of Merrie Monarch.

It's going to be different this year. Everybody, all the alakaʻi stepped up to the plate to chant, to do their part.


ʻOkoʻa ana kçia makahiki. Ua kû mai a hoʻoikaika nui nâ alakaʻi.

Hula ana ʻo Nâhôkû me Rae no 30 makahiki a ke kôkua nei me ke alakaʻi i nâ wâhine i kçia makahiki.

Nâhôkû has danced with Rae for over 30 years and is helping the women this year.

I think theyʻre ready for it. We just need to get over our laze and things, hardly any sleep. But I think itʻll be fine.


Mâkaukau nô. Pono e hoʻoikaika mai loko mai a e maikaʻi ana nô.

Iâ Nâhôkû e hana lei ana, hoʻomanaʻo ana ʻo ia i ke hana lei me Kumu Rae.

While preparing haku lei, Nâhôkû recalled making lei with Kumu Rae.

Every time I say "Oh, I'm done." He picked it up and hit it against the wall. He made me do it five times.

I almost wanted to quit and cry.


Ua manaʻo au ua pau. Lalau akula ʻo ia a hili ma ka paia. Ua pono e hana hou he ʻelima manawa. Ua ʻaneʻane ʻuç a hoʻokuʻu.

ʻAʻole nô naʻe ʻo ia i hâʻawi pio. Ua noke mau a he ʻano ahuwale nô ia o kçia Hâlau o Kahikilaulani.

Nâhôkû didn't quit thought and kept on, a true Hâlau o Kahikilaulani trait.

We need to do what we need to do to keep Hâlau o Kahikilaulani alive.


Pono e hoʻôla mau ʻia kçia Hâlau o Kahikilaulani.

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