Local connection: Underlying truths of health care reform

So health care reform has passed, now we get to see which claims come true, good or bad and what unintended consequences there may be. But here's a key underlying truth. Ten percent of people need ninety percent of care.

The funding of health care requires as many young, healthy people as possible to be covered, because those premiums defray the costs of caring for seniors.

Another truth: the cost of covering the uninsured should be weighed against the cost of leaving them uncovered.

The uninsured tend to go to the emergency room when sick and any care at the hospital costs several times as much as it does at the doctor's office. Employers will be watching this closely because their premium costs for employees have been going through the roof in recent years.

Look also for the effects on the construction business, where a lot of people find work as independent contractors and often go without medical. Yeah, it's complicated, which is exactly why we should also take an interest in how this works out