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Honolulu crowds line up early for iPad debut

David Oshiro David Oshiro
Carlin Yamashida Carlin Yamashida

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

ALA MOANA (HawaiiNewsNow) - The iPad frenzy has begun. On Saturday, the device hit the stores for the first time.

And that had gadget fans all over the islands waiting in long lines just to get their hands on Apple's latest invention.

There were early crowds, and lines so long, Starbucks took part in the marketing blitz, giving out free caffeine boosts to groggy techies.

"It's worth it, getting up early in the morning and getting down here," said David Oshiro, an Apple customer.

At Ala Moana Center, the release of the much-anticipated iPad drew determined fans to the Apple store, rain or shine.

"We're all fanatics. We all wait in the rain. We wait in the rain and come here early in the morning. We want to be the first to have it," said Carlin Yamashida, a customer.


Two months after Apple built up hype over its latest gadget, Apple fans are now making the judgement call for themselves.

"Well, I really like the e-book function," said Althea Lagamo, a customer.

"We have my little baby there. I'm getting excited about the children's books that you could possibly read to her," said Alison Stewart, a customer.


The slim, tablet-style computer has a 9.7 inch touch screen, similar to the iPhone and iTouch.


"I'm getting it for my fiance, so I'm not going to get to use it. She has a laptop at home, but she has to crack it open, start it up, and it takes forever to boot. So she'll be able to get on the internet early in the morning, sitting and watching tv or whatever," said Oshiro.

"I'm excited to use this for work. I'm a realtor so I'm going to upload pictures for this. It will be very applicable. I'll use it a lot," said Yamashida.

Saturday's launch is only for the 16 gig base model. The price tag? $499.

Will it meet gadget gurus' expectations? The answer, is now at their fingertips.

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