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US Census scam alert, double check your forms

Sarah MacLeod Sarah MacLeod
A real U.S. Census 2010 form A real U.S. Census 2010 form
Minnie Wilson Minnie Wilson
Roberta Serai, left, with Holly Juscen, right Roberta Serai, left, with Holly Juscen, right

By Holly Juscen – bio | email 

MILILANI (HawaiiNewsNow) - 26-year-old Sarah Macleod of Mililani says she received her first US Census form in the mail in February. The form asked for her social security number, so without thinking she filled out both her and her husbands numbers, put a stamp on it and mailed it in.

"I think I have been scammed --- I distinctly remember filling out my social security --- but then I got a second form in the mail today with no place for a social security number so that was my first red flag," said MacLeod.

Macleod says the second census form she recieved was very similar, "It had ten questions just like this one, but I remember it was darker blue -- and it did ask for my social security number."

US Census Bureau Representative, Minnie Wilson, says they never ask for a social security number, "there are certain things were don't ask, bank account, and social security is one of them --- so if you get a form asking for a social security number don't fill it out."

Wilson says their envelopes never require stamps -- they are labeled "no postage necessary if mailed in United States." This is the first fraudulent census form Wilson has heard of here in Hawaii, but says there have been reports about social security number scams on the mainland.

Roberta Serai of Wahiawa also received a second US Census form in the mail Thursday, but she says her forms were exactly the same -- neither one asked for personal information.

Wilson says the US Census Bureau is sending out two forms to residents in hard to count areas --- based on the 2000 Census. Those areas include Kalihi, Waikiki, parts of Pearl City and Wahiawa. They want to be sure that residents in those areas fill out forms.

Wilson says if you get a second form that is just like the first one and you have already filled out your first one out, you can just throw the second form away. If you have received a form asking for your social security you are urged to call the US Census Bureau at (808) 535-0920 -- to find out how you can protect yourself.


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