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Thousands under curfew following rash of violence at Honolulu housing project

Denise Wise Denise Wise
Moana Hampton Moana Hampton
Shari Apuya Shari Apuya

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - New curfew rules are in place for thousands of residents of two public housing complexes in Honolulu.

This comes after a shooting Monday that police say was part of an escalating feud. The curfew began on Tuesday and runs from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM. It involves the Kalihi Valley Homes and the Kuhio Park Terrace. But some residents say it's not enough.

For the first time in many residents' memory of two Kalihi Valley public housing complexes, tough restrictions are now in place.

Hawaii Public Housing Authority executive director Denise Wise is in charge of both housing projects.

She says it was a no-brainer to install curfews after Monday's shooting at Kalihi Valley Homes.

It left a 19-year-old man in the hospital. But the feud began with two beatings and a stabbing there earlier this month.

"This is not just some vandalism that occurred, people could die and I take that seriously," Wise said.

Wise didn't say if the incidents are gang-related.

"When a gun is involved, quite honestly, I don't have time to figure that part out, but we will," she said.

Both board members of the housing complexes met with Wise Tuesday. It's the next step to try and figure out how to prevent incidents like these from happening again.

"We have security over there, but it's not enough, we are very concerned, what about if we were sleeping and then all of a sudden, we were shot to death," Kalihi Valley Homes board member Moana Hampton said.

KVH will add two more security guards for a total of five during curfew hours. It's not clear as to how many more KPT will hire.

"It's unfortunate that probably 2-3 percent whose causing this problem are making it extremely inconvenient for the 98-97 percent, but I feel that I owe the 98-97 percent safety," Wise said.

Shari Apuya lives between the two housing complexes. She says the violence has only risen over the past months.

"It's actually scary, I actually come home from work all kinds of times and to see these kinds of things happen, we don't know what to expect," she said.

Apuya and most others we spoke to are in favor of the curfews, even if it only makes a small difference.

"We gotta try certain things to see if it eliminates the violence in this area," she said.

Police patrols of the projects will also increase. Wise says there's no timetable as to how long the curfew will be in place

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