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Calm leaders kept kids safe during scary situation

Semisi Fehoku Semisi Fehoku
Feao Fehoku Feao Fehoku
Ray Sanborn Ray Sanborn

By Oscar Valenzuela - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Semisi Fehoku has been a group leader with Kamaaina Kids child care for four years. He has a full schedule this spring. He listed off some of those activities; bowling, leaping lizards, Ice Palace, the beach.

Last week, it was bowling. Semisi and his sister Feao escorted a group of nine young children to the Pali Lanes bowling alley on the windward side.

But within minutes of arrival, what was supposed to be a fun trip, became a scary situation.

"We got in and 10 minutes in we was getting our shoes getting ready to bowl then as soon as the kids started getting their shoes it happened. An old lady that was bowling with a group yelled out gun, he got a gun!" said Semisi.

Instinctively the leaders rounded up their bunch and found somewhere to hide.

"We found an old storage closet with old bowling balls and bowling shoes and stuffed the kids in there it was nice and dark." he continued.

Police say Harlan Kamekona entered the bowling alley and attacked his ex-girlfriend Teresita Paulo with a knife, then stabbed himself to death.

The kids remained hidden, all the while hearing the scuffle going on within the bowling alley.

Semisi says he and his sister had to remain in control of the situation, "We kept our cool because the kids could feed off of our energy too so we tried to keep calm, to keep them calm."

Once the area had been secured police escorted the children's group to safety.

None were hurt and Kamaaina Kids did provide counseling for those disturbed by the sounds.

The president of Kamaaina Kids calls the two employees heroes and presented them with an award.

"I must've hug them like 20 times, they just did everything right, it was just perfect." said Ray Sanborn, who heads the child care center.

Semisi and his sister are already planning their next trips with the children but have decided to leave out one activity for this season.

"We discussed it, not to the bowling alley." Semisi laughs, counting his blessings reminded of the close call at the Pali lanes.

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