Race on to rescue 153 trapped Chinese coal miners

Race on to rescue 153 trapped Chinese coal miners

XIANGNING, China (AP) - Rescuers in China are racing to free 153 coal miners who've been trapped deep underground by a flood since Sunday. Work safety officials say some 261 workers were inside the mine when if flooded more than 24 hours ago, and 108 either escaped or were rescued. So far, there's been no contact with those still trapped.

Rescuers have been working to pump water from the mine located in the mountains of northern China's Shanxi province, some 400 miles southwest of Beijing.

Experts say the flooding may have started when workers digging a new mine accidentally broke into a network of old, water-filled shafts. Central China Television says it could take three days to remove all the water.

The official Xinhua News Agency says President Hu Jintao has ordered local authorities to "spare no effort" in saving the trapped workers.

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