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A new fashion statement?: "ecohashi"

Melissa Shipman Melissa Shipman

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A new kind of invention is hoping to gain some steam here in the islands, especially with chopsticks users.

It's called "eco-hashi", and is the product of Kaimalie Colabello and Melissa Shipman.

Their new-found product urges people to bring their own chopsticks by wrapping them in fashionable cloth wraps where you can protect your chopsticks and keep them handy wherever you go.

Shipman says the idea is to help cut down on landfill space and eliminate waste each time a person uses chopsticks. Plus, it's fashionable.

"My sister-in-law and I traveled extensively in Asia and we noticed that it's a trend there and our friends were all there bringing their own chopsticks with them and we thought it would really do well in Hawaii", said Melissa Shipman.

Each reusable bag costs about 10 dollars.

For more information and to see various designs of "ecohashi" and where they are sold, visit www.ecohashi.net.

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