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Howzit Howard: Hotel occupancy and Akaka hearing

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Here's your hotel occupancy data from hospitality advisors, covering the seven days to last Sunday, and displayed in convenient Lego form. We've got really low occupancy at both ends of the state. Big Island 54 percent with room rates down 16 percent. Kauai 56 percent full with room rates down 12 percent.

Maui also discounted deeply, 14 percent, but came out a lot fuller, 76 percent. Which is actually ten points better than last year at this time, and Oahu is also ten points better at 81 percent occupancy, and with rates only four percent lower than last year.

Follow-up: Yesterday in this segment I told you Senator Akaka interrupted a hearing on homeless veterans because ranking Republican Richard BUrr of North Carolina objected to continuing the hearing while there was activity on the Senate floor. Republicans halted committee hearings all over the Capitol in reaction to passage of the health care bill.

But there has been so pushback on this one. The Charlotte Observer, in Burr's home state, noted that Burr stopped a hearing that commanders had flown from Hawaii and Korea for. Now Burr says he had no "personal" objection but said, "There is an objection from our side of the aisle."

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