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Hawaii Kai man falls victim to cell phone hacking

Kaulana Chang Kaulana Chang
Chris Duque Chris Duque

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kaulana Chang is a victim of a new wave of cell phone hacking, he says someone has been tapping into his Blackberry Curve on and off for five months now. Chang started receiving calls from "866" numbers, and once he answered his phone the hackers had control.

Chang says it's been really frustrating, "there are so many things that they can to from answering your phone to looking online --- they can go through your account they can go through whatever."

The hackers racked up $ 5,000 dollars worth of international call on his account. Sprint is Chang's cell phone carrier and has reimbursed the charges.

Yet, cell phone carriers overall are having a difficult time staying one step ahead of the cyber thieves, "they'll go to the internet and mimic your number and it won't matter they will be able to patch right through and make phone calls, even if you are using your cell phone," says Cyber Crime expert, Chris Duque.

Duque says this is just one of the ways cell phone hackers are accessing your information. Another way is the internet, there are dozens of different types of cell phone spyware -- which is software that can be purchased so anyone can tap into a mobile phone.

The problem is growing now that cell phones are basically like computers. Duque's advice is to be very careful about what applications you download, " if my computer is synced up to my cell phone then there is not much that anyone can do, sooner our later any viruses that you have will hit your cell phone."

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