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Good Things: March 23

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Now it's time for some good news. On Tuesday morning a snack bar that has been closed for more than 2,000 years has reopened in Pompeii. The building was buried in ash when nearby Mount Vesuvius blew up during Roman Times. Now guests can eat foods that were served back then, like pastries filled with honey and ricotta cheese.

A family that bikes together stays together. Across the United States, the Harrison family of five is biking from Kentucky. So far they have made it as far as California on just one bike! The family left home last August on what they hope will be a 7,000-mile, 14-month journey to Alaska.

And Ida Ruth Hayes Greene is 98 years old. She turns 99 this April, and after all this time, she has had one regret – she never graduated from high school. That was until this week, when Ida received a diploma from the Perth Amboy Adult High School. Although state officials have not yet confirmed it, Ida may be the oldest person in New Jersey to earn a high school diploma.


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