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Improving your memory

Do you have trouble remembering names, appointments, where you put your keys? That could have something to do with the health of your brain. Neuroscience researcher Mark Underwood joins us this morning to talk about five tips for memory fitness.

Mark Underwood
In Store Appearances

  • Wednesday, 11am-2pm: Down to Earth, King St.
  • Friday, 9am-11am: Vim & Vigor, Ala Moana
  • Saturday, 11am-3pm: The Source, Kailua

Five Tips for Memory Fitness:

  1. Stay physically active. Regular activity, not necessarily planned exercise, seems to relate to brain fitness. Activities like gardening, dancing and cleaning could increase chances of maintaining brain health.
  2. Challenge your brain. Calculate, do word search games and crossword puzzles, and go to lectures, concerts and museums. Learn a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument.
  3. Stay socially active. People who are active in clubs and social networks may hold up better cognitively than those who are less socially active.
  4. Feed your brain. The brain and nervous system are comprised of 60 percent fat, so ensure your diet is rich in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in coldwater fish, fish oil, and flax oil.
  5. Lower brain calcium levels with supplements. Proper levels of calcium within the neurons are required for optimum brain function. As we reach middle age, brain calcium levels begin to rise because our bodies stop producing a protein responsible for regulating calcium concentration within the cells.
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