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Hawaiian News: Glee Club

Carole Paulsen Carole Paulsen
Eddie Wong Eddie Wong
Kawehi Bright Kawehi Bright

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This Friday will mark the 90th annual Kamehameha School's song contest and it will be aired here on KGMB. This event is just one however of Kamehameha's long musical traditions. Amy Kalili gives a look at another.

Aloha nui kâkou. In addition to the annual contest, glee clubs have been a tradition for just as long, extending the music experience even beyond graduation.

Kawehi Bright

Class of 1955, Kamehameha Schools

I joined the glee club because I missed the choral singing. When youʻve been into music for so long.

We found that we were missing the singing that we had.

Kawehi is a 1955 graduate and member of the alumni glee club. She was also a song contest leader her senior year in high school.

When we were in school, it was our only connection to our Hawaiian culture, because we couldn't dance the hula and we hardly had any Hawaiian language.

This aloha for music, cultivated during their years at Kamehameha, stays with graduates throughout their lives.

Carole (Campbell) Paulsen

Class of 1955, Kamehameha Schools

The kind of work some of us have, it's kind of relaxing. I often say it's like feeding your soul. You donʻt have that opportunity to just sing.

Eddie Wong

Class of 1948, Kamehameha Schools

I just love to sing. I donʻt have a voice like Elvis Presley but I just love to sing.

Join us at 6.30p this Friday for the 90th annual Kamehameha School Song contest. ʻO au nô kçia ʻo Amy Kalili no HawaiiNewsNow. Aloha.

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