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Friday’s Hoops & Song Contest Schedule on KGMB

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii Now is your home for March Madness, with full coverage of all the action live on KGMB – followed tonight by the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest.  Here's what you can watch, and when:

4:30a-6:08a – Hawaii News Now: Sunrise

6:08a-8:30a – March Madness: Minnesota vs. Xavier

8:30a-11:00a – March Madness: Missouri vs. Clemson

11:00a-12:00p – The Price is Right

12:00p-12:30p – Jeopardy

12:30p-1:00p – CBS Evening News Live

1:00p-3:30p – March Madness: Florida St. vs. Gonzaga

3:30p-6:00p – March Madness: Louisville vs. Cal

6:00p-6:30p – Hawaii News Now at 6pm

6:30p-7:30p – Kamehameha Schools Song Contest Preshow

7:30p-10:00p – Kamehameha Schools Song Contest Live

10:00p-10:30p – Hawaii News Now at 10pm

Of course, you can always catch the latest live, local news beginning at 5pm on KHNL, and here on


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