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Howard's Hit: Underwater power lines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii isn't the only state considering underwater power lines.

There is, in fact, a national trend of planning underwater lines for long-distance power transmission. But not for the same reason as here.

 Over here it's a logistical necessity if you want to connect the islands - on the mainland, it's a question of political feasibility.

Ed Stern is President of Powerbridge, the company behind a 65-mile offshore cable project that brings almost a quarter of Long Island's electric from power plants in New Jersey. Stern told the New York Times, "The fish don't vote." In other words, underwater cables draw less opposition than anything visible on land.

A 33-mile cable has already been laid across San Francisco Bay, allowing the retirement of two power plants that burn natural gas.

A Canadian company wants to build a 370-mile line along the bottom of the Hudson Rive, an express line to sell Canadian electricity to New York City.

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