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Ewa Beach residents shocked about drug case that turned deadly

Jeff Brown Jeff Brown

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) - People who live on Kailoa Street in Ewa Beach say they're stunned by their connection to a federal drug case that turned deadly on the H-3 Freeway last Friday.

According to a criminal complaint filed at Federal Court, a car used to ship 37 lbs of methamphetamine from California to Hawaii was at a house in their neighborhood shortly before it crashed on the freeway.

"Learning anything like that is really a shock to me," Jeff Brown, neighbor, said.

Investigators say they followed the Ford Mustang to 91-1030 Kailoa Street after they intercepted the shipment, stripped the 32 packages of ice out of the door frames and from under the back seat, and wired the vehicle with a tracking device.

There was no answer at the house Tuesday. Neighbors described the men living there as friendly.

"They've actually been really nice," Brown said. "They come out and they give the kids candy. They sit on the porch and, once in awhile, they're out talking on their phone."

After leaving Ewa Beach, the Mustang crashed near the Harano Tunnels on the H-3. Court documents say it had been speeding, crossing double-solid lines and using the shoulder to bypass traffic.

On the side of the wreckage were bags of decoy drugs that were planted in the car by federal agents.

The driver, identified as Marvin Edgar Burrow, Jr., died. Investigators say they found fluorescent powder on his arms, showing he had handled the fake drugs.

"It does come as a surprise because they didn't seem like shady people," Brown said. "They didn't seem like anything. They actually seemed really nice."

Investigators say Johnny Resendez, Jr. confessed to shipping the meth-filled Mustang and another vehicle to Honolulu, and getting paid $1,000 for each trip. His bail hearing is set for Thursday.

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