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Neighbors say alleged gunman reached boiling point in longstanding feud

Homer Burge Homer Burge
Michael Graham Michael Graham

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

MILILANI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The sounds of gunfire ripped through the air on Kaholo Street in Mililani at about 10 pm Sunday. When the dust settled, a 45-year-old man was in the hospital and his 54-year-old neighbor was in handcuffs.

Police arrested Michael Graham on suspicion of five counts of attempted murder after he allegedly opened fire on the family next door.

"I didn't think Mike would go that far," Homer Burge, neighbor, said. "He's a nice guy. I get along real nice with him."

An American flag is proudly displayed at Michael Graham's Mililani home. Some say the former Marine reached his boiling point Sunday night in a longstanding feud with his next-door neighbor and his sons.

"Anybody like that would drive anybody crazy," Burge said. "The two, oh, they're just bad eggs."

Investigators say Graham fired his handgun at Jerome Christobal, 45, and his family while they were in their own backyard. Christobal was hit multiple times and was last reported to be in serious condition.

"We've been having trouble with these guys forever. First it used to be the dad," Burge said. "When he had kids and then, geez, you know, one bad seed, more bad seeds."

Burge, 85, says he, himself, has complained to police about noise and late-night visitors at the Christobal home.

But another neighbor describes the accused gunman as being "a little off." Police and court records indicate Graham has sought temporary restraining orders against neighbors other than Christobal, saying he felt harassed.

The suspect's girlfriend also mentioned the ongoing dispute but declined further comment, saying she was asleep when the shots were fired.

"I can't," Carlene Marino, Graham's girlfriend, said. "But thank you for your concern."

Graham is awaiting charges at the main police cellblock.

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