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Wind picking up roofs and bending power poles

Gloria Silva Gloria Silva
Dean Kaya Dean Kaya

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email 

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - The wind is doing much more than cooling temperatures it's also causing damage, from blown roofs to bent power poles. The wind has been whipping for a few days now and it's strongest on the east side of the island and not surprisingly that's also where a lot of the damage is as well.

"I heard a big noise in my home and I thought it was probably an earthquake, so I got frightened and I really got scared I didn't know what to do," said Gloria Silva, Homeowner.

It wasn't an earthquake but the wind ripping up her roof. Then came the rain which soaked her ceiling

"The water kept flushing down from the ceiling and we got buckets and what not," said Silva.

Carpet cleaners brought in fans and humidifiers to dry out the floor. A roofer was already busy taking measurements and the insurance adjustor was writing up the claim, a first for Silva. In 50 years in the house she says this is her first roof damage.

Manoa is awfully windy, lots of wind all the time but it's never like this I can't understand how it happened," said Silva.

Of all the homes in Manoa Valley, hers sustained the most damage. The roofer says it has nothing to do with the type of roof or even its age, but the wind draft must have just caught the edge just right to pop it up.

"It doesn't take a really strong wind at times just the way the wind caught this roof," said Dean Kaya, Far West Roofing & Construction President. "The wind will catch you up here."

Gusts were so strong on Piikoi Street it bent a power pole but did not knock out any services.

On Keeaumoku Street another roof blew off and took neighbors by surprise.

"I looked across and said oh my goodness that's big damage. The whole roofing material is gone from the roof," said Egan Nishimoto, neighbor.

The wind kept firefighters busy removing debris and laying down tarp on roofs like they did for an appreciative Gloria Silva.

"I want to thank them very much from the bottom of my heart," said Silva.

Firefighters are still busy there was another blown roof call on Kamehameha IV Road just before 5:00 Wednesday night. That case was relatively minor with little damage.

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