Chile Today, Hot Tomorrow

We caught a break. The last time a massive Chilean earthquake that registered over 8.5 on the Richter scale resounded around the Pacific, Hilo got drenched, badly. This time, the massive trembler caused no damage locally, but it certainly got a lot of deserved attention and tested just how well prepared we are for a big one, whatever form that big one may be in.

After the October, 2006 earthquake off of the Big Island, a lot of government, military, power, and communications officials got together to assess what went right and what went wrong. The benign climax that thankfully took place during this latest reaction to earth's hiccups should not allow us to ever become complacent or to stop striving to ensure that everything is in place for the next test on our services, supplies, and our sanity.

We are living in the so-called "ring of fire" in our Pacific home, and natural disaster preparation must remain at the top of government and military priority lists of things to be really good at. While we cannot predict when a natural disaster might hit our shores, be it massive water or groundbreaking rumbling, it would be an even bigger disaster if we haven't learned valuable lessons from these recent practice runs. Think about it…