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March 5, 2010

Local connection: Tsunami lessons

What did we learn from the recent tsunami warning and our reaction to it? We saw the vast majority of Hawaii residents respond calmly and with good cheer, heeding advisories to move back from the shoreline or up three stories. We saw hotels ably care for guests who were understandably concerned at a kind of warning they perhaps do not hear in their home towns.

Police and fire personnel were on it. Public utilities seemed prepared. But we also learned we don't pay much heed to monthly siren tests. Only now is it widely realized that many sirens aren't working. That's being addressed. We also still seem not to have the supplies we need for bad weather or blackouts.

So there's more we all can do to be ready for the next one. That's important, because next time we might not get so many hours of advance notice. Whatever happens, we'll be here to give you all the information we can, because fast, dependable, calm information is also part of disaster preparedness.

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