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Good Samaritans rescue woman after car plunges off cliff

Chris Deyden Chris Deyden
Chris Box Chris Box

By Minna Sugimoto bio | email

HAWAIIAN BEACHES, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - There was a dramatic rescue on the east side of the Big Island Saturday night, after a car plunged off a cliff with a woman trapped inside. Several witnesses rushed over and fought the surf to get the victim out.

Walking barefoot and clearly shaken up, a woman was led away from the scene of a crash.

Her SUV was on its roof at the bottom of a cliff at the end of Kahakai Boulevard. Fire officials estimate it's a 25-foot drop.

"Standing by the cliffs and I saw the car, like a silver Nissan or whatever the hell it was, excuse me, went over the cliff," Chris Deyden, witness, said. "So I just went running over there."

Others, including Chris Box, hustled over to help without concern for their own safety.

"We just tried to, everybody joined together and tried to pry the doors apart and get the doors opened," Box said. "My brother broke out three windows trying to get to her."

The Good Samaritans say they searched for children in the car, after noticing toys inside. But the driver was alone, pinned by the steering wheel, as waves crashed in.

"She said that she wasn't going to live through it," Box said. "We just kept talking to her, told her to hold her breath when the wave come in, helped get her out of there."

Soon, emergency crews arrived and the crowd of spectators grew.

"No, no, no, no, keep your legs straight," a paramedic told the crash victim.

Paramedics treated the woman, providing a brace to support her neck. Fire officials say she suffered just minor cuts.

It was quite an experience for Deyden, who moved to the area four days ago.

"It was chaotic, but under control kind of a thing," he said. "My first live-saving experience took four days."

The cause of that crash remains under investigation.

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