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February 26, 2010

Local connection: Regrettable news

Chances are, you prefer two Honolulu newspapers to one, even if you don't subscribe to both of them yourself. And clearly the economic circumstances that could leave us with one newspaper are to be regretted. Our people here at Hawaii News Now just went through a similar process: I know how it feels.

Yet there are some glimmers of hope in these developments. Gannett, the outgoing owner of the Advertiser, is a publicly-traded company that has been slashing jobs under pressure to produce quarterly profits. David Black, majority owner of the Star-Bulletin, controls his own newspaper empire and can afford to take a longer view. He may also have a better sense of what Hawaii needs in a newspaper, having taken in local partners years ago.

Black has been held back by an aging printing plant, and now stands to acquire the Advertiser's state-of-the-art facility in Kapolei.  We know the next few months will be very difficult and full of anxiety. We wish our colleagues at the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin the very best in this endeavor

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