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Roller derby gains popularity in the islands

Derby Girls in Hawaii Kai Derby Girls in Hawaii Kai
Giant Malika with "Tad Bit Nasty" Giant Malika with "Tad Bit Nasty"
Jammer Shaka Rocka Han Jammer Shaka Rocka Han
Ma-"lick 'em Dead"-ly Ma-"lick 'em Dead"-ly

HAWAII KAI, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Old school skates, knee and elbow pads and a bunch of competitive women. That's the recipe for a weekend of excitement down at the roller derby. Derby girls from the TBD and the Villains go head-to-head in Saturday's season opener.

Roller Derby Season Opener 2010

Date: Saturday, March 6

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Kamiloiki Community Park, Hawaii Kai

Cost: FREE

Click HERE for a link to their webpage and information about the rest of the season.

Additional Information about the game:

The game itself is a series of races between two teams of five players. Each team's jammer is the only player to score points. Four blockers try to stop the other team's jammer while propelling their own jammer forward. Each team has 1 blocker who is the pivot, she controls the speed of the pack and calls her team's plays. Jammers wear stars and pivots wear stripes on their helmets.

Each race is called a jam and lasts up to two minutes. At the start of the jam, the pivots and blockers gather in formation at the starting line. The referee blows a whistle, and they skate as a pack while the jammers wait at the starting line. When the pack has passed the starting line, the referee blows the whistle again, and the jammers start to skate.

The jammers try to catch up to the pack, work their way through and come out the other side. No one scores any points during the first lap, but the first jammer to pass the opposing blockers legally becomes the lead jammer. A referee points out the lead jammer and follows her progress around the track. The lead jammer can "call the jam" before the end of the two-minute period by putting her hand on her hips.

Notes: Jammer scores 1 point for each opposing player she passes. Skaters cannot engage the jammer 20 feet from the pack. Skaters can receive minor or major penalties. 4 minor penalties equal 1 major penalty will send the skater to the box. There is no fighting. No punching. No elbows. No kneeing. No Kicking. No hitting to the backs. No cutting the track. And not talkin' smack to the refs!

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