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Ask Howard: March 3, 2010

(HawaiiNewsNow) - It's Wednesday and that means it's time to put Howard Dicus in the hot seat to answer all your questions.

  • "Hey, Howard, with the way the economy is do you think the movie theater is an endangered species, and on another note do you think that the drive-in movie theater will make a comeback?"
  • "Howard, if drug companies use sales people to promote prescription drugs, shuold the state have sales people to promote generice drugs, which helps to keep costs down for everyone?" -Mika Jones.
  • "Howard, if you could change the civil defense siren to some other sound, perhaps a song or other melody, what would it be?"
  • "Howard, do you think it's important to live with someone before you get married, or can you just jump right in and get married in Vegas?"
  • "Hey, Howard, a bit of trivia -- what percent of the population in Hawaii is helped by the Foodbank?"
  • "Do you think we will ever see a funeral like Uncle Fasi's in Hawaii politics ever again?" -Ben Tanaka
  • "Hey, Howard, when is Mufi going to run for governor?"
  • "Do you think any business made a lot of money during the recent tsunami scare?" -Leeland Ming
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